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Wolf Lineart

It's been awhile since I've posted here. Anyhoo here's my newest wolf lineart.

The real CrimsonWolf

New pic is up!!  Lookie HERE!!Collapse )

Keeping Wolves Out Of Harm's Way

As fellow wolf lovers and artists, I urge you to watch this short clip.  I really believe this is something you should be aware of.

I, by no means am asking you to donate. I am only 16 and have no way of doing so online. However, if you really wish to, you may here:

Redoing the Winged Spirit Wolf pic

So I decided to try and color that Winged Spirit Wolf lineart I did awhile ago...again (this is like the 4th time) but this time I went and edited the lines using Manga Studio Debut 4 (the most awesome program for doing digital line art) and re-drew the head. I've gotten quite a bit done on the coloring since I finally found a way to do fur that's not OMG complicated but very time consuming (TT_TT major soreness in mah hand).

Pics are hereCollapse )

New Tattoo Design

I got bored and felt like doing this.  It's really just a basic wolf tattoo design.

Is over HERECollapse )

Yay Poetry

Wow DEAD COMMUNITY ALERT!!    It's been awhile since anyone has posted anything here, I was almost tempted to just post something completely random. I don't think I made a rule against that, did I?  I'll have to go check and delete it if I did.


I browsing through some of my really old stuff and happened to stumble upon some poems I'd done like 4 years ago, all having to do with wolves. (I wasn't very good at writing poems about anything else really.  Wow that sounds pathetic.  LOL)   Okay I'm not a great poet and every poem I write is uber short but I have fun writing them.

These are my three favorites:

AnonCollapse )
I am the WolfCollapse )
The Sounding of the CallCollapse )

Wolf tattoo

I just got my tattoo finally on Friday night.

Photo behind the cutCollapse )

More pics in my journal.

Artwork by our own CrimsonWolfUmi. ^_^

I founds a picture

I'm cleaning out my comp so I can do a system reset and I happened to stumble upon this pic I started not too long ago and totally forgot what I was doing with it. LOL that seems to happen with me alot.

It be over hereCollapse )